Custom Hay Baling from Rick`s Custom Baling

Hay Champion!

RCB won the Grand Champion Hay Overall
2011 York Fair
1st Cutting Timothy.


Rick's Custom Baling, LLC.
East Berlin, PA

Contact Person:

Rick Jones


(717) 309-6582


  • Hay Field in Biglerville, PA. Hay Field in Biglerville, PA.
  • Hay Field in East Berlin, PA. Hay Field in East Berlin, PA.
  • Newly Seeded Timothy Field Newly Seeded Timothy Field
  • Hay Field in Dover, PA. Hay Field in Dover, PA.

Land Management - Farmland to Rent Farm - Land to Lease

Whether you have recently purchased property and would like to produce an income from it, or you`re in an existing situation and would like something different, we are happy to work with you to keep your land productive, healthy, and profitable through land lease/rent options. We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to land lease options. RCB will lease an existing hay field, or plant a hay variety into your land based on soil conditions and texture or previous crop rotation. Lease agreements can be done in single-year or multi-year options. Unlike other tenants, we do not "mine" the soil for nutrients. We do soil sampling annually, and apply recommended nutrients and lime regularly to fields based on pH, cation exchange capacity, base saturation, and how much of those nutrients were consumed by the previous year`s crop.

We apply a mix of organic fertilizers (poultry litter) and inorganic fertilizers based on the individual farm's fertility needs. Our herbicide program is very specific and apply herbicides based on scouting for weed pressure. We will only spray if the weed pressure is above the economic threshold. Additionally, we keep equipment ruts to a minimum in order to keep a field smooth and lessen the likelihood of soil compaction, thus producing healthier and more productive crops. For more information regarding lease options, contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss opportunities with you.

If you have farm land that you wish to lease or rent out and live in close proximity to East Berlin, Abbottstown, Dover, Thomasville, Hampton, New Oxford, New Chester, Hunterstown, Biglerville, York Springs, Kralltown, Wellsville, Gettysburg, or northern Hanover give us a call. We are always interested in farmland to rent or land to lease.

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